SSH Access(Edit)

I use PuTTY to connect remotely. Other clients exist. Here is the configuration to remotely access the Synology NAS and start playing around. Check the SSH deamon is setup properly:

  • Config Panel > Terminal & SNMP
  • Enable SSH (Advenced settings can force better security); Remember the port number associated

Then, using a SSH client:

  • Give the address of your NAS
  • Specify the port from the config panel
  • Connect

The creds are the ones from any user parts of the administrators group. To get privileges, the password is here again the one from the admin user.

To impersonate the root user, use the

sudo -i

Mail Station(Edit)


By default, there is no option to simply force HTTPS to access the MailStation. However, this represents a powerful custom to secure accesses and ensure confidentiality. The file to customize can be found in the


We will need an elevated access to modify a file from this folder and follow the steps:

  • vi
  • Then, around line 308 (
    to get there), we need to swap

$config['force_https'] = false;

for the following:

$config['force_https'] = true;

  • Then, just need to save and quit (:x), no restart required.

Video Station(Edit)


DTS audio compatibility(Edit)

As explained on the Synology Forums, there is no more support for DTS audio codec in Video Station. How annoying. After further investigation, some links pointed out third part package including the specified DTS audio codec. If your NAS uses DSM version 5.x / 6.x, here is the way to go:

Package Center(Edit)
  • Add the following repository as a source: (Package Center > Settings > Package Sources > Add)
  • Search for ffmpeg and install it
  • Done!

Sources: ;