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As we all spend time racking our brains to setup and integrate stuff, develop and debug, This place is a huge notepad, to help us.

Mainly for web development with PHP/JS, also a lot of automation using Python or AutoIt, KISS principle, of course not to run on Production right away ;-)

Beside, is some network/security engineering stuff, do it once, remember it with writing.

If you came across through your findings, they should find a place here, maybe you need a notepad, or a few comments to help and motivate, anyway, this has been made in this in mind, feel free to help or contribute.

Current stage(Edit)

This wiki mostly as a notepad, for commands, code snippets, tricks and good practices. In a near future, maybe more and with small articles like the ImageMagick on Windows one.


Huge work in progress, but don't be scared by the task or work it represents, step by step, world moves forward. Don't forget references, sharing sources of great information as well!

Thanks to all the people taking time to share their work. In the hope that it helps a few adventurers!

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