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As I spend my time racking my brains to setup and integrate stuff, develop and debug, I will use this place as a huge notepad, to help you and me.

I mainly do web programming with PHP/JS, I also do a lot of automation using Python or AutoIt, just because it's fast!

Beside, I am a Security Engineer, so I try to keep up with some challenges and CTF, but it's awfully time consuming!

If you came across through your findings, maybe they have their place here, maybe you need a notepad, or a few comments to help and motivate, anyway, this has been made in this view, feel free to help or contribute!!


As said, the objective is mainly to provide a support for people to exchange. But most of all, it remains a way to motivate me and force me into doing applied and documented researches, to keep tracks of the findings, and build a small but incredibly useful knowledge database. Applied, documented, and efficent to special applications.

I am weeling to share my experience, even though I do not forget to learn, why I invite others to share and help as well.

Current stage(Edit)

I use this wiki mostly as a notepad, for commands, code snippets, tricks and good practices. In a near future, I plan to write more and more small articles like the ImageMagick on Windows one.


Huge work in progress, but I am not scared by the task or work it represents!

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