Dev Web


A lot of the programming involves troubleshooting, or opening to new libraries, languages, technologies,.. All this moves and evolves as well. As it is difficult to get the full picture always up to date, I try to store herre the result of some researches, analysis or troubleshooting.


The content does not follow any rule or main thread. It just depends on my current activities, current troubles, or interests. But as I will fill it, I will keep organizing it to make it easy to navigate and find quickly the information. I will also try to cover the technologies themselves, at least with some introduction, in order to agregate and build information.


The process of building information should, with time, tend to create on it own a great database on various programming languages, libraries or protocols. The projects can then be linked to their troubleshooting/development process. I do hope to make it interact more with the projects behind.